Call for Submissions
closing 17.10.2021

Money mediates all the exchanges of our economic selves within our urban societies, it is the medium through which we consume and produce the city, its life and its culture. Money also measures the city, and our worth in it, too: how big a flat can we rent, where we cannot buy a house, what salary we get from our urban trade. Money is value stored in the city too, with different places acquiring or losing value to the delight or panic, respectively, of real estate agents and landowners; places as fluctuating commodities.

Money makes cities and cities make money. Should it? To what purpose and for whose gain? What are the material manifestations and the social and environmental impacts of this money-city loop? Ripping places apart and stitching others together, it seems impossible to escape the omnipresent pull of money. How do we resist?

(Un)follow the money and tell us where it takes you.

The journal is calling for submissions that critically review the relationship between the city and money and creatively reimagine how we live, measure, and value our places.

Deadline for submissions: 17 October 2021, 23:59 London time

The deadline is for submissions of near-complete work. For works that are less complete, but fit well with the call’s theme, abstracts will also be considered. These should be submitted no later than six weeks before this deadline to allow for an initial screening and further development so that the near-complete work can still be submitted by the deadline. No prior abstract submission is required should the near-complete work be submitted by the deadline.

We publish work in a variety of formats and media bringing together peer-reviewed research, design and policy proposals, activist and community voices, visual arts and creative writing, in a critical and analytical discourse on the city created by the strength of a diversity of perspectives from the Global North and the Global South.

Guidelines for submissions:

By submitting your work to The Urban Transcripts Journal you agree to our policies with regards to open access, free publishing, reviewers community participation, submissions review processes, plagiarism, copyright, licensing and archiving.

Image notes: Photo by Alice Pasqual | @stri_khedonia on Unsplash
This post has been edited after initial publication following an editors’ decision to extend the initial deadline for submissions from 30.09.2021 to 17.10.2021.

Volume 4, no. 2 Summer 2021