Green Urban Lab
– Urban Gorillas

Green Urban Lab acts as a tool regenerating urban public spaces in Cyprus, and reclaiming public spaces in four main cities across the island. The project introduces public space as a vital part of everyday urban life: the streets we traverse for our daily routines, the piazzas where we sit to relax, the places where our children play, the squares where diverse communities socialise. Green Urban Lab is designed to raise awareness of the importance of public spaces in developing socially, economically and environmentally sustainable cities.

The Green Urban Lab takes the form of a public installation with a temporary pop-up designed structure that is placed at various locations in cities around Cyprus. Through the specific placement and design of the fun inflatable structure, the project intends to be a catalyst of social interaction by reclaiming public spaces whilst reviving non-used spaces; an interactive platform which allows open access to the urban environment.

Urban Gorillas (UG) is a non-profit organisation run by a multi-disciplinary team of urban enthusiasts who envision healthy, creative and socially inclusive cities. UG contributes to sustainable urban living by enabling projects and actions that bring new energy and instigate change in city spaces and communities. UG transforms public spaces into lively and innovative hubs, cultivates civil society and impacts policies. UG fulfils its mission through pilot activities and concrete actions, extensive research, and bottom-up, low-cost, high-impact techniques. UG has experience in project management and coordination, research, and dissemination experience in the fields of community engagement through creative operations. UG’s projects tackle social inclusion through tangible actions in urban public spaces. UG has also a wide network of local volunteers and is associated with many youth groups.



Volume 1, no. 2 Summer 2017