Towards a reader-funded journal
Letter from the Editors

Dear Readers,

We launched The Urban Transcripts Journal a bit more than 3 years ago as an independent, not-for-profit, open-access publication. Since then we have published 9 issues, with contributions from authors around the world, including peer-reviewed research, work in visual arts and creative writing, activist and community voices. We are driven by a vision of a free and open exchange of knowledge and ideas responding to the great challenges our cities are facing; a discourse on the city created by the strength of a diversity of perspectives from the Global North and the Global South.

The journal relies on the pro-bono work of an international team of editors, editorial board members and reviewers, whose voluntary but unwavering commitment makes each issue possible. We want readers from around the world to have free access to all of our published content. We want authors from around the world to be able to submit and publish their work without being limited by submission fees. We cherish our independence and take pride in the quality of our content and the rigour of our editorial processes. To ensure such quality and rigour, and enable us to efficiently manage the workload for each issue’s publishing, we rely on essential services, such as content management and IT systems.

We ask for your support to enable us to cover our service costs and help us keep the journal an independent and accessible platform publishing the work of researchers, professionals, creatives and activists across the world.

You can support us by donating as little as £1 per month via our Patreon account.

Looking forward to a reader-funded journal.

The Editors


Volume 3, no. 3 Autumn 2020