Pandemic (post-)politics
– from Friederike Landau, Berlin/Vancouver, 19.05.2020

is the pandemic infecting us with post-politics
or how long has this virus in politics lingered
is passivity or printing money the winning face of a postpolitical pandemic
have alternatives really been absent
how many more or less alternatives do we have now?
toxic politics all along, alive and well
choose between virus and worse

a virus revisits
a revisiting virus revisits means and mediums of democracy
a lockdown of democracy is not an alternative
demonstrations bear it in the name, but they are not the new demons – see the demos in there?

if our brains never regain their original form after a great encounter, will we talk again?
crisis as both event and symptom of a contradiction
a contradiction nobody enjoys enough
so, is it just a crisis?

kill your privilege instead of stabbing yourself