Z/Room Society
– from Artemis Papachristou, London, 26.05.2020

This image is a “still” of the first step of the quarantine period. The anxiety of the unexpected state of suddenly being alone, forced to be inert and locked inside is handled by obsessively recording and depicting in detail the interior of my room (using detail architectural drawings of every interior section-view of it). This visual recording is then being placed in the new societal replacement of the urban grid, the zoom grid, as a visualization of that nervous moment of suddenly being all alone. It acts as an intermedio, a threshold to moving into the new city simulation of zoom, a state of getting ready to meet the new “virtual flatmates” in this new zoom-room society.

This image is part of a project that evolved during the “Site writing” module in the MA Situated practice in the Bartlett School of Architecture.